How are basketball shoes made?

Making of Basketball Footwear

Making of Basketball Shoes 1.Preparation of last The basketball shoes are made in 4 steps. At first, the last model is formed as the completed basketball shoe. The last is some sort of metallic or plastic material. Each size of a basketball shoe requires two endures, one for the left foot and another for the … Read more

How to dunk a basketball?

Dunk Basketball

How to Train Yourself to Dunk a Basketball? Majority of the basketball players have a proper height and body shape, but they do not know how how to dunk. Here we have listed the three best ways to optimize your dunk or to learn How To Dunk if you are a beginner. Tip #1: Evaluate … Read more

How are basketball shoes different?

Making of Basketball Shoes

The basketball shoes are entirely made different from the rest of the shoes. This is because the shoes used for running, jogging, or any other sports do not fit for basketball. Basketball is a sport that requires constant lateral movements and unlimited running. Moreover, the players need to shuffle the feet and jump high and … Read more

How to Remove odour from basketball shoes

Remove Odour from Basketball Shoes

Some basketball shoes have such a poor ventilation setup that your feet start to sweat, and then the socks suck all moisture present on your feet. At last, that moisture sticks in the shoe. So when you kick off your shoes at your home, they start to smell so bad and feel overwhelming that you … Read more

How to Clean Basketball Shoes

Clean Basketball Shoes

Keeping your basketball shoes clean makes you feel fresh, clean, and grippy on the court. Clean basketball shoes relieve us from many problems. With clean basketball shoes, you can focus on conquering your competition, and you can get more stability and traction on the court. Also, you don’t feel overwhelmed with them. Best 5 Ways … Read more