How to buy/choose basketball shoes

Best basketball Sneakers

Buying the best basketball shoe is one of the difficult decisions a player has to make. Because It is a sport, which requires running, jumping, and quick changes in direction, and the player has to make sure that he gets the right basketball shoe. If He/She does not get the proper shoe, then they will … Read more

How to Add Traction to Basketball Shoes

How to Improve Basketball shoes traction

The traction in a basketball shoe enhances grip, stopping power, and also multi-directional movements. Without excellent traction, it is impossible to retain stability while making quick cuts, ball shooting, or keeping up on the defense. To get a better experience on the court, you need to keep the court clean. This is because the traction … Read more

Best Basketball Shoes With Traction

Basketball Shoes With Traction

Both the basketball court and the shoe technology plays an important role in making up the traction. Many factors play a role in making a good source of traction for the player. Some of them are the surface ratio, designing pattern, surface type, and good shoes! The athletic shoe designers claim that they make such … Read more